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Sunday, August 21, 2016


Hi Friends!

Great day in the Lord today!  We had some friends graduate from nursing school yesterday and we went down to see them get their awards and to be pinned- recognized by the 'nursing community' as professionals...a sort of a 'welcome to the family' affair.  It's going to be like that when we get promoted to heaven!  God welcomes us himself, personally....says 'well done good and faithful servant', pins our wings on us (of sorts), and we become permanent members of the family of God in heaven.  Sign me up!
Today's Bible study was the most exciting and dramatic episode of the 'deliverance of the Hebrews' (Exodus Chapter 14), and we have Chuck Heston and Cecil B DeMill to thank for a great visual....Moses stretching out his arms OUT over the Red Sea and God parting the waters so the Hebrews could walk across on dry ground to escape the sword of Pharaoh.  God wiped out the entire Egyptian army, not to mention the first born of every house in Egypt, except the homes covered, literally, by the blood of the Lamb.  The chapter ends with the Hebrews believing....and fearing the Lord.  Is that our God?  Does He want us to 'fear' Him?  Ah....yea!  Now this isn't a 'boogie man' type of fear or a bad fear, or a fear of the unknown (He is very much known to us), it's respect, reverence, a humble heart kind of fear; a good fear.    It's like this....I fear my wife!  Not that I am a-fraid of her....I fear hurting her, I fear making her feel unloved, I fear doing or saying something to cause her to not love or even like me.  I have a cherished relationship with her and I do not want to negatively affect that.  When you think about it, fear is part of every 'love relationship'  in that way.  And more so with our love relationship with God.  Further, I want to please God!  So yes, God wants us fear Him in this way...He told Moses, the Hebrews, and the Egyptians about a million times in Exodus that 'I am the Lord'.  And because of that great, loving, protective, sacrificial love that He has for us....we have NOTHING and NO ONE to a bad way!
The sermon today was on Acts Chapter 5 starts off with God killing a lying couple in the first Church as they brought an offering and a lie to the Church.  Talk about fear.  And yes, everyone learned something about God that day.  He hates hypocrisy in His Church.  They lied about how much they sold property for and claimed to give it all to the church.  They kept some back.  Actually that would have been just fine if they would not have lied about it.  This doesn't sound like much, but they lied to boost themselves up in the church and certainly, their lie would have been discovered and the church tainted because of this...kind of like the Pharisees and what they did.   So God had to do it, and the result was that Christians and non-Christians alike....'feared the Lord'.  I will ask you to decide, is this a good fear or a bad fear.  Anyway, the chapter goes on to tell of bold teaching and preaching in the Word, the church growing, and the Jewish leaders upset and angry with the apostles, so much so that they began plotting to kill them.  But then, finally some wisdom.  One of the good ol' boys of the Jewish leaders says, if this movement is of man, it will fade away, but if it of God, you cannot stop it.  He gives wise council that if it is of God and you try and stop it, you will find yourself 'fighting' against God.  I sure hope you all have learned that lesson in life.....we cannot fight against God our maker.  Many of us have learned that lesson the hard way.
Blessings, and have a listen if you have the time!


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